How is my privacy protected?

Our belief is you have a right to privacy, especially when it comes to your struggles such as anxiety, depression, and recovery from addiction. We use bank-grade encryption, and we take your privacy and security seriously. We take precautions to protect the data on technical, administrative, and physical levels.

To support your privacy, we have added an additional optional feature for you to use a 4-digit pin on Android/iOS (or your fingerprint on iOS) to keep your information safe (Settings -> Pin Code/ Touch Id).  

In addition, any messages you receive or send will show as “rTribe: You Have A New Message.” in the phone message notification screen. To increase your privacy we are not including a preview of the message.

Can I stay anonymous?

Yes. You don’t have to use your legal name if you don’t wish to. We use avatars as profile images, and do not enable personal pictures for your profile to further protect your privacy with others in the rTribe community.

An exception might be when you are on a video call, however you can turn the video off on a call and only do an audio call. 

We do however recommend that you share emergency contact information with your provider. This is of course your choice, and while we are not a crisis service, this is a good to do if you are willing. Discuss with your provider for more details.

Can I stay anonymous during a video/audio call?

Yes. Though a call starts with the default set to the video turned ON. Also, a video call helps counselor to see the reactions on your face and get to know you better, you can hide your face and use only your voice when having a video call. Simply turn off the video at the beginning of the session. To do this, once the call has started, tap the screen and turn off the video. 

Will my provider tell anyone what I told them?

Your provider is committed to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality. They should inform you of their privacy and confidentiality policies when you begin working with them.If you believe they have broken confidentiality and shared your personal information, please speak to them directly about this. If this does not resolve the issue please write to us at

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