How it works

Who is rTribe for?

Anyone struggling with any behavioral health issue, especially addictive or compulsive struggles. Currently we’re focusing on supporting people struggling with addictions, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues, and we can support people with any mental health or behavioral health struggles.

I’ve got questions about seeing a Therapist, can you help?

To learn more about seeing a therapist or a coach on rTribe go  here.

I took the addiction assessment, but think the results aren’t correct, what should I do now?

To retake the assessment: go to "Settings" (gear icon) in the top right of the home screen, tap on "Profile" and choose "Addiction Assessment".

I took the assessment, but think the results aren’t correct, what should I do now?

We recommend you talk to one of our online providers. We have multiple counseling/coaching subscription packages available. Click the gear icon and select Online Counseling & Coaching to explore the options and find more support.

Will the app work for me?

We hope so! We have 4.7 stars in the app store, and have had 200,000 people download rTribe so you're definitely not alone in checking it out. Like anything, you will get out of rTribe what you put into it. To get the most out of rTribe check out Start Here: A Guide to the App, our blog about how to get the most out of rTribe.  

I’m not addicted, can I still use your app?

Definitely yes! The app is designed to be used for support with any addiction or behavioral health struggle. Connection with others is the key to healing and rTribe allows you to be instantly connected to your recovery community.  When the app asks you to check in everyday you can report on your primary struggle. You could apply this to panic attacks if you struggle with anxiety. Or you can apply this to if you want to track your use of alcohol, when the app asks “Today was a... victory / setback” and you have not had any alcohol or had a panic attack you can say “no.”  If you are triggered and have a craving to drink or you feel a panic attack is coming on you can hit the “I’m triggered” button and let your friends know you are triggered to have a setback.  Your friends may have different struggles but they still can provide support through messaging or calling you.  

How do I find “friends” to add to my group?

Check out our blog Find rTribe Friends to learn more.  

How do I share rTribe with my friends?

We are better together. We are excited you are sharing rTribe with your friends!

You can invite others by tapping on the "+" button in the bottom right of the home screen, then selecting "Invite friends". Then you can share rTribe with friends via chat, email, or social media. This is an external share and has no relation to the adding friends process.

What does it mean to be triggered?

Triggers can be people, places or things that can cause you to have an urge to act out. For this reason we like to use the acronym “BLAHSTED.”  It stands for Bored, Lonely, Angry, Hungry, Stressed, Tired, Excited Sexually (horny) or Depressed.  If you feel any of these make sure to hit the “I’m Triggered” button to alert your friends.  Or, go to the Triggered Help Guide to be guided to safety.    

When you are triggered, a yellow exclamation (!) icon will appear. But what does this mean?

The yellow exclamation mark is a symbol that lets you and your friends know you need support.  It goes away after 2 hours.  

When I send a triggered message who receives it?

Currently everyone in your friend list will receive a “Triggered” notification, when you initiate one. This alert is to notify your friends that you may be in need of their help. This communication and support is what will help you through your temptation and ultimately your recovery.

However, if you are in trial or you have paid for Premium then acquaintances won’t see the message, only those you have set at the friend level of ‘friends’ and ‘close friends’.

How do I turn off the yellow exclamation (!) icon?

The yellow exclamation (!) icon in the circle around your avatar is added after you send a triggered message to your friends.  It’s to visually show them your mental state along with the message you sent.

It will automatically disappear 2 hours after you initiate the “Triggered” message.

What does a red circle around my profile avatar mean?

The red circle around your profile avatar means that you haven’t checked into rTribe in over a day.  Simply Check-in to remove the circle.  Checking in and keeping in touch with your friends is critical to managing your addiction.

Do I have to check-in everyday?

You can check in as regularly as you want to, but we recommend checking in everyday to stay healthy and connected.  It’s also a way to tell others you’re active in your recovery.

When checking in, I accidentally tapped “yes” when asked: “Did you act out since your last check-in?”. Now what?

That’s an easy fix. Reset your victory date (Settings -> Edit Profile -> Sober since).

I’ve been sober for a while now and want to start using your app, can I input a sobriety date?

Congrats on your sobriety! We’re excited for you and what you’ve accomplished.  We wanted to support people throughout their recovery journey, and for you we’ve added an option for you to enter your original sobriety data (Settings -> Edit Profile -> Sober since).

What is an affiliate and why have them?

Affiliates are typically large organizations that people are a part of that help them in their recovery.

We want to know what organizations Tribers are a part of. This will help us better serve both you and these organizations. Ideally we want to partner with these organizations in ways that would better help Tribers.

We will never share personally identifiable information about your affiliation. Your security and privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

If you think we are missing an affiliate, let us know and explain why at

How do I set my affiliate(s)?

To set your affiliate(s):

1. Go to your rTribe home screen

2. Tap settings (gear icon in the top right corner)

3. Tap 'profile info' button

4. Tap 'Affiliates' button

5. Select all the affiliates that apply

6. Tap 'Done'

Affiliates are typically large organizations that people are a part of that help them in their recovery. If you think we are missing an affiliate, let us know and explain why at

What kind of security does this app offer?

Our belief is you have a right to privacy, especially when it comes to your addiction and recovery. To support your privacy, we have added an additional optional feature for you to use a 4-digit pin - on Android or fingerprint - on iOS to keep your information safe (Settings -> Pin Code/ Touch Id).  In addition, any messages you receive or send will show as “rTribe: You Have A New Message.” in the phone message notification screen. To increase your privacy we are not including a preview of the message.

Why should I fill out my profile information?

We at least recommend putting your phone number in.  If you put your phone number in your profile a phone icon will appear so that your friends can initiate a call in rTribe.  

Our goal is to create features that will help you and others connect, learn and manage your addictions. You profile information will help us in this effort, but are not a requirement to use the app. We will never share your identifiable information with anyone, unless you give us permission. Please check out our Terms & Conditions if you have other questions about this.

How do I get in touch with you?

For questions about our company or app, the best way to reach us is to email us directly at if you’d like. Or contact us from within the app (Settings -> Feedback).

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